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Kick-Start Your 90-Day Plan For Internationalization

Whether you’ve recently founded your startup or already started internationalization, entering new markets can be tough!

We’d like to warmly welcome you to join this Meetup to learn more about breaking into new markets from our own Joseph Troutt and Michel Gagnon, both with years of experience in helping companies grow and expand globally.


Their 90-day plan approach will help you define clear objectives to align with your team and also identify the actions you need to take to succeed.


They’ll also discuss the following and more:


  • Picking the right markets
  • When’s the right time to expand
  • What key skills your team needs to succeed
  • How much does it cost
  • What typical pitfalls await you




6:30 pm: Arrive and sign in

7:00 pm: Welcome and introductions

7:10 pm: “Kick-Start Your 90-Day Plan for Internationalization”

8:00 pm: Audience Q&A

8:20 pm: Scale-up in Lisbon with Startup Lighthouse (Lydia Pohl, Communications Project Manager, etventure Startup Hub GmbH)

8:30 pm: Wrap-up and networking