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Amacosi: Artisan Peruvian Jewellery

AMACOSI is inspired by the diversity of Mother Earth and the richness of the Peruvian culture. Its jewellery is handcrafted according to the ancient artisan tradition of Peru.

AMACOSI is a Peruvian-German fine jewelery brand from the land of the Incas. Designed by Alicia Eisele a Peruvian living in Frankfurt, AMACOSI brings the culture and craftsmanship of the Inca tradition into our world with a fresh and modern look.

AMACOSI’s jewelry designs echoes the landscape and spirit of Peru’s three geographic regions, namely, the jungle, the coast, and the mountains. AMACOSI uses selected and quality materials sourced in Peru, such as silver-950, and works with uniques rocks used by the Inca empire in developing their finest jewelry.

Stun and Awe is working with Amacosi on brand positioning and PR in the German market.


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